Thinking_Slimmer_TributeYou can easily lose weight with hypnotherapy in Brighton.  The story of Darin McLoud has been a feature of Cognitive Hypnotherapy over the last year because he’s been such a potent symbol of transformation. At forty years old many people pretty much conclude that they are who they’re going to be, and yet he demonstrates that we make a choice about who are  every waking day – and that we can control that choice.

Weight loss is a particularly potent and visible symbol of change, and I find with the great majority of people I work with that, for people who are greatly overweight, the fat represents something else at an emotional level, whether it’s protection, safety, or rebellion, or where food substitutes for company, or comfort or love. By changing this unconscious equivalence food becomes just another part of life, but that’s actually only the small part of the change. With Cognitive Hypnotherapy we don’t just sever the limiting equivalence, we recycle it into a positive one, so that losing weight begins to mean something meaningful to the client – and creates a transformation in their sense of self. Every pound of weight lost leads to a growth in their confidence and the possibility of what they could do with their life to make it more enjoyable.

In Darin’s case he’s gone from a fat target of ridicule to an inspiration. Kids who used to shout abuse at him in his street now wave at him as he runs past.  Darin’s discovered a secret: we all have what we need within us to be who we want to be. Extraordinary people are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things, it’s by the actions we take that we become who we can have the most fun being.

Darin Mcloud, Weightloss