Lets hope spring has finally won and we can emerge from winter fully and look forward to the joys of summer. A good spring clean can make your surroundings brighter and the knock on effect is like a burden lifted.Why not give your mind a spring clean while you’re at it and give yourself a chance to appreciate the joys this time of year can bring? Firstly-What are you worried about? Worries can be wearing and can sap your vitality.  But really they are just thoughts which have become habits, and they’re often not as bad as they seem-but because they are on a repeat loop they build up and become a block to what is truly valuable to us.-Write a list of your worries and deal with them one at a time.  Getting them down on a piece of paper gets them out of your head, and you can give yourself a chance to do something about them, instead of being plagued by them.  If this doesn’t work for you a hypnotherapist could help you to unravel your worries and guide you to greater emotional freedom.Secondly-Focus on the positives.At the end of each day recall at least three gifts from the day, a smile from a stranger, a hug from a friend, listening to a bird sing.  Small or big whatever they are go through the good things from your day.  Developing this habit can mean you start to look for the good things in your day, and start making steps towards changing old habits for new, and spring cleaning your mind.Of course anyone can benefit from Cognitive Hypnotherapy and I would welcome a call or email and offer a free initial consultation if you think it might help you.