After The Battle Is Over

//After The Battle Is Over

After The Battle Is Over

After The Battle is Over

One of the key factors that enables the different forms of hypnotherapy to be effective is that the aim of this therapeutic process is to make changes at the unconscious level.

Two Parts At Odds With One Another

We are all aware of the unconscious and often we can discern that there is a difference between the unconscious part of ourselves and the conscious.  Sometimes there’s not just a difference between those two parts but a dissonance.  There can be a sense that the two parts of us are at odds with one another. 

Powerful Habits

One of the ways we notice this conflict between the part that seems to drive our behaviour onwards and the other seemingly rational knowledgeable and helpful part, is when we have a destructive habit like cigarette smoking.  Typically a smoker will be consciously aware and knowledgeable about the myriad ways regularly inhaling poison-laced tobacco smoke contributes to an array of nasty-sounding health-risks but will find themselves drifting over to the cigarette counter in the supermarket entrance and saying without fully engaging in the moment, 20 Bensons and a box of matches please, (or at least that was the phrase I used when I was a smoker myself- many years ago).  There is also a strange but familiar sensation when the smoker taps out the cigarette from the packet places it between their lips, strikes the match and takes the first and best puff as the flame approaches.  Sometimes the cigarette is being put out before a glimmer of full consciousness is sparked with a fleeting thought of regret that this smoking habit still seems to be a more powerful force than that which the awareness of the destructive nature of it can produce.

Two Opposing Ideas

And of course it’s not just smoking.  There are plenty of examples for all of us of our innate ability to hold two opposing ideas at the same time.  It happens with other behaviours like drinking alcohol or drug-taking and also with how we feel in certain situations.  This explains why we are nervous or anxious when we know in our heads that there’s no need to be because we are equipped to deal with whatever happens; that we are as good as the next person and we can draw on all our resources and perform as a well as is required.  Nonetheless nervousness or anxiety kick in and we are left feeling like we want to escape or hide away because the battle between what we know to be the case and how we feel is being waged. There are so many times in all our lives when this ability to hold opposing aspects at the same time occurs.

Being Your True Self

Hypnotherapy can help you to realise where this cognitive dissonance is playing a part in your issue and therefore enable you to resolve it. When you notice this in yourself, that something about you or about your life which wasn’t working for you, is part of this ability that everyone has, to hold both ideas at the same time, it can be a helpful step towards moving beyond the struggle between these two parts and allowing something more unified and balanced, something that sits better with you and your true values.  Maybe stopping smoking and being fine with that, or feeling and being your true confident calm self and enjoying that way of being more and more easily.

Because hypnotherapy addresses these conflicts at the unconscious level it’s effects are deep and long lasting and can bring that peace of mind that comes after the battle is over.

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