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Spring Clean Your Mind

Lets hope spring has finally won and we can emerge from winter fully and look forward to the joys of summer. A good spring clean can make your surroundings brighter and the knock on effect is like a burden lifted.Why not give your mind a spring clean while you’re at it and give yourself a [...]

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Darin Mcloud, Weightloss

You can easily lose weight with hypnotherapy in Brighton.  The story of Darin McLoud has been a feature of Cognitive Hypnotherapy over the last year because he’s been such a potent symbol of transformation. At forty years old many people pretty much conclude that they are who they’re going to be, and yet he demonstrates [...]

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Fear of Public Speaking

You can overcome the fear of public speaking so many people have.  Find help to be free from this fear using hypnotherapy at my Brighton hypnotherapy practice.  I know it was true for me, but did you realise it is one of the most feared things, even more than death. It would seem that at [...]

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What I’m Really Thinking about Hypnotherapy

A colleague of mine, who is a hypnotherapist not based in Brighton, was asked to contribute to this regular feature in the Saturday Guardian. I think it is an interesting read. Leslie McCall is the name of the anonymous therapist who wrote the article, and she practices Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Farnham. You can read the [...]

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Writing Freely Brighton Hypnotherapy

I can help with gaining freedom from what some people call 'writer's block' in my Brighton hypnotherapy practice.  I have never found writing easy, it seems to me to be a chore, and when I see someone writing freely it is amazing to think that they are allowing themselves to convert their thoughts into words [...]

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Performance Nerves

First a mention for the night I am starting at the Latest Music Bar in Kemp Town, Brighton. Called Speaky Spokey, it is a fab night of spoken word performers, short film, and live music. The first one will be on Thurs, 28 April 2011 at 8pm, 5/4 squid on the door, and then monthly [...]

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Make Your ‘to do’ list Work for You

This is a fantastic way to make your daily or weekly 'to do' list really work. Often I find myself with a silly amount of things to do, and a sickening sense that there is not enough time in the day to get them all done. Once I have transfered the seemingly endless list onto [...]

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What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy

I know it can be confusing deciding if hypnotherapy will help you, and then choosing a hypnotherapist can seem difficult too.  The best way to find out more about what I do and how I can help you is to have a look at this explanation by Trevor Silvester, who trained me.

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