Bring Back That Loving Feeling

//Bring Back That Loving Feeling

Bring Back That Loving Feeling

If you want to rekindle that loving feeling, or find it with someone special you haven’t met yet.  Let me know, I can help.

Do you need to be in a relationship?

One of the most important things in your life is your relationship with your partner.  If its not good life’s not good.  If its not there at all, it could be good or not, depending on your perspective

When is a relationship a bad idea?

I was speaking with a friend recently about how he has decided that he can finally start to think about looking out for a relationship.  He has been single parenting four boys and they are now all over 18.  He made a pact with himself that after he and his partner parted ways, more than 10 years ago, he would focus on the boys and providing for them and put his own needs for any romance or companionship on the back burner.

I realized while we were chatting that, although I got where he was coming from as far as wanting to show a stable and solid front to his sons, I wasn’t sure about the need to remain single for that to be possible. 

Do you have too much Baggage?

Another revelation I had during our conversation was that in some ways he had as much, or even more baggage now he was ready to look out for possible romances.  Although the boys had grown up and were becoming more and more independent, he had got a bit rusty in the ways of dating, and a bit socially isolated.  I’m not suggesting that that would always be the case if anybody decided to take the route of this conscientious and loving friend of mine, just observing that these could be the slightly negative consequences of making the sacrifice he chose to make.

Sharing and Caring

I think we can forget that sharing our lives with someone else is such a common want or need because it means sharing the burden of life with someone.  What we see it as instead is another issue to be dealt with, another potential set of problems and potential dramas. 

This might be my friend’s perspective.  That another relationship would add to the responsibilities he was already on the verge of being overwhelmed by.  However, what I saw was the lost possibility of having a special sharing caring relationship which eases all the burdens because each decision, bad day, disappointment is shared and each triumph, happiness, laugh is also shared.  That its a two way street and your partners problems will be part of the package means having the opportunity to listen and to help them, something which we can all benefit from doing.

Your supporter and Your best critic

This is what has happened for my partner and myself.  We have been through many phases over the years, including times when splitting up seemed like the better option.  But we’ve found that the good times outweigh the bad and have led our lives with a supporter behind us, and also, of course with a constructive critic. 

When we want that loving feeling, isn’t it the feeling of there being someone we can love, support, criticise, and have all those things done right back to us? 

Bring Back That Loving Feeling

If you want to rekindle that loving feeling in your relationship, or to find that special someone.  Let me know and we’ll have a constructive conversation to get you back on track.

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