Young people coaching

  Young people need to find clarity for themselves morethan ever. At the ages of 18, 19, 20-26 you've been through or are still going through an education system as an individual, not a statistic. You've had life experiences as an individual-some happy-some difficult and challenging. You've started, or thought about starting, work as an [...]

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Bring Back That Loving Feeling

If you want to rekindle that loving feeling, or find it with someone special you haven’t met yet.  Let me know, I can help. Do you need to be in a relationship? One of the most important things in your life is your relationship with your partner.  If its not good life’s not good.  [...]

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After The Battle Is Over

After The Battle is Over One of the key factors that enables the different forms of hypnotherapy to be effective is that the aim of this therapeutic process is to make changes at the unconscious level. Two Parts At Odds With One Another We are all aware of the unconscious and often we can discern [...]

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Let Them Off The Hook

Anger Anxiety Brighton Hypnotherapy Let Them Off The Hook    (anger anxiety brighton) Someone annoys you, they say something or do something and it's stupid and it winds you up.  You get cross, your stomach clenches, your brow knots up, you say something to point out their stupidity and it comes out strangulated [...]

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Anxiety-Everyone Else Seems Fine-Why Not Me?

Why am I feeling so terrible, so nervous and full of anxiety when everyone else is fine?  They all seem to enjoy life and don’t let anything or anyone get them down, but I am a bag of nerves and want to run away half the time. anxiety Brighton Have you ever asked this [...]

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Performance Brighton Public Speaking

Patti Smith’s Recovery (Brighton Hypnotherapy...public speaking) Public Speaking Brighton   ‘I'm sorry. I apologise. Can we start that bit again? I'm so nervous.’ Public Speaking Patti Smith’s voice 'caught' early on in the rendition of ‘A Hard Rains Gonna Fall' at the Nobel Prize ceremony where she sang in honour of Bob Dylan [...]

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Happiness is often one of the things people will say they want but are concerned it might sound a bit glib or silly.  I often say to my clients (a lovely bunch!) that its ok to want happiness because happiness is the experience of being well in body and mind, connecting with other people, being [...]

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