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Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Brighton?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Brighton was developed by Trevor Silvester of The Quest Institute.   Cognitive Hypnotherapy Brighton works so effectively on so many people because it works at the unconscious level.  95% of our behaviour and responses are driven by our unconscious.  Therefore cognitive hypnotherapy allows you to make the changes you would like to live your life in the way you want. Because the changes are made at the unconscious level.

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I Treat People as Individuals

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy Brighton means I treat people as individuals.  Because I am focussed on the person and what they want to achieve, rather than the problem.  I use a range of techniques from a selection of disciplines therefore I can treat individuals more effectively.  The techniques I use are from NLP, EMDR, positive psychology, behavioural psychology and others.  These are combined in a particular way that suits you best as an individual.   My approach adapts to fit you. This means I can work with most people whatever your age, gender, or background.  I can help you achieve lasting valuable change.

I believe we all have everything we need

I believe we all have everything we need to be able to live life in the way we want to, therefore allowing us to have fulfilled and enjoyable lives.  We have the resources we need we just aren’t always accessing them. Cognitive Hypnotherapy Brighton can  release you from negative thoughts, responses and behaviours.  In a way it can ‘de-hypnotise’ you, and allow you to be the real you, free from unnecessary anxiety or unhelpful behaviour.  By this I mean that often we have learned unhelpful responses, behaviours or stories, which we practice automatically, without being consciously on board, as if we’re not in charge.  This is what we can change and I can be the guide you need to help you make the changes you want to make.

I can help you gain control

In my Brighton hypnotherapy clinic I can help you gain control over habits, phobias, or negative feelings.  This will help you establish positive patterns and therefore you improve your quality of life.  I can help you do this over a short period of time.  It might only take two or three months for you to start to gain the benefits these changes can bring.


I practice Cognitive Hypnotherapy Brighton which is based on neuroscience and works from a modern understanding of the mind and the mind-body connection.  I trained at the Quest Institute and by keeping up with all that is happening in the world of psychological and therapeutic disciplines, I have a wide range of of tools and techniques available to help you.

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