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I have helped many people to achieve stress and anxiety relief in my Brighton Hypnotherapy Practice.

You are welcome to book a free initial consultation and start your route to freedom from stress and anxiety.   It can be so hard to enjoy life when you have feelings of stress and anxiety.  Whether it is ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, sweating, shaky voice, a feeling of dread or fear, or a combination of those symptoms. Life would be so much better if you were free from stress and anxiety. You could perform so much better in so many situations, if you were free from those feelings of stress and anxiety. Click here to arrange your free initial consultation and get started on your route to freedom from stress and anxiety

You could enjoy your life without stress and anxiety.

What we forget is these symptoms of  stress  and anxiety are the results of having too much adrenalin released into the bloodstream.  This is something which happens when we fear the worst.  It can happen when we just anticipate something going wrong. We are only imagining that something bad might happen.  But we are giving ourselves the signal to go into the evolutionary fight flight or freeze mode, when the situation does not require us to be on ‘red alert’.

This over reaction, which you might experience as being so overwhelming you avoid certain situations just to not have the stress and anxiety feeling, can be easily reduced.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy with me in my Brighton practice can be used effectively to reduce your reaction.

So the amount of adrenalin released becomes appropriate to the situation.  You only require a little when you really need it to perform at your best. You can then remain in balance for the majority of the time. The more you find yourself to be in balance the more calm and relaxed you can be.

This will allow you to enjoy life more.  Knowing you can perform well when you need to. Allowing your new feelings of calm and relaxation to become your normal way of being.

Call or email me to find out more about how I can help you in my Brighton Cognitive Hypnotherapy Practice.

‘I really have benefitted from the work we did together’

‘Well, I really have benefitted from the work we did together.  I feel the main thing is being able to take quiet time out, whether it be in silence or listening to my recording, which I still do from time to time. Being more comfortable in my own company has given me an element of confidence back which I seemed to have got lost along the way. I’ve using my techniques to manage my anxiety levels, trying not to worry about things or situations that are out of my control.

Life is still throwing challenges as it does for all of us every day. But by keeping calmer overall I’ve been able to deal with it, a better balance all round.

I really think I gained a lot from our sessions & have learnt tools to help me deal with daily stuff.

So thank you very much for everything ! To embark on this route was the best decision I’d made in a long time & thoroughly recommend it !’, CB, Hove


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