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I have successfully helped many people to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Brighton. You can click here to arrange your free initial consultation and get started on your route to stopping smoking Brighton. And you can do this for yourself now and for good.  After just two sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy,  people are amazed at how effective it is.  Perhaps you’ll  be  surprised how easy it has seemed to be to stop smoking. Therefore you can start reaping the physical and mental benefits straight away. How would you like to be impressed at how normal it seems for you to be a non-smoker. You can easily stop smoking in Brighton with me, Jo Alderson, at my Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Brighton practice.

What is it like to have Cognitive hypnotherapy to stop smoking, Brighton?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and pleasant experience, you can find out more about it by clicking here.

If you think about it, when you stop smoking Brighton, you are doing just that-stopping something. You therefore no longer have to do this thing which is damaging your health, every time you smoke.  Damaging your finances (nearly £7 for 20 cigarettes).  You don’t have to do this any more… don’t even have to think about it anymore. You’re now giving yourself the unconscious message that you enjoy life without smoking.  Its just like your rational mind has been telling you all along, this is killing me and I don’t want to do it anymore.

With my help, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, you can join the other clients I have successfully helped to help themselves.

They can now focus more on their health, wealth and happiness. What would you gain from never even thinking about smoking again?

Many studies of hypnotherapy have shown that, on average, smokers are over five times more likely to break the habit using hypnotherapy than by willpower alone. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is also far more effective than nicotine gum and patches.

I should know because I used to be a smoker myself.  I went through the whole range of emotions and justifications trying to convince myself that smoking only occasionally ‘socially’ was fine.  Actually it really bothered me that it was still damaging my health, possibly influencing my children to do the same, and irritating me that I would even have to think about it.  I was extremely pleasantly surprised when I found it easy and natural to give up after Cognitive Hypnotherapy, as well as having no regrets about ever having been a smoker.  Which, strangely was one of the reasons I was afraid to give it up.

This was said to me by a client I helped to successfully stop smoking

“I found your recording really helpful.  It has made me feel I can achieve things I put my mind too and as a result I am exercising more and have a more positive attitude. Thanks so much.  Your work is truly life changing :)”  NC, Brighton

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