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Life Writing with Coaching at Arvon residential retreat.

Have you begun a life story or biography and abandoned it because you are stuck? Perhaps like many writers you’re mired in procrastination. We will guide you through a process to kick-start your writing again and to keep going
once you have done so. Colin will lead you through techniques and practices to find the centre of your story. Jo, an experienced hypnotherapist, will take the group through a guided meditation each day. In her tutorials Jo will focus on coaching you to access your confidence so that you can write your story. New to Arvon, this week is a unique opportunity to open yourself up to something fresh and potentially transformative.

Click here to find out more about this unique writers retreat with coaching to avoid procrastination and expert guidance on life writing from Colin Grant, author of memoir Bageye at the Wheel

This course offers a unique opportunity for you to not only find the centre of what you have been wanting to write about your own life, family or passion, but to tackle the demons of procrastination and self-criticism so you can get that book, short story or essay completed.