The Hypnotension Program, helping lower blood pressure in Brighton

//The Hypnotension Program, helping lower blood pressure in Brighton

The Hypnotension Program, helping lower blood pressure in Brighton

The Hypnotension Programme

The Hypnotension system for high blood pressure is a programme created exclusively to assist the huge numbers of people confronting high blood pressure.

What is raised blood pressure (Hypertension)?

Blood pressure is a way of measuring the pressure in your arterial blood vessels as your heart sends blood all around one’s body. This naturally fluctuates during the day, depending on your psychological state and activity levels, nevertheless, if it remains consistently too high over time it is known as high blood pressure or ‘hypertension’, which literally means ‘over pressure’.

The average blood pressure reading is roughly 115/75 mmHg, and high blood pressure pertains to a reading of 140/90 and above over a period of several weeks. Having elevated blood pressure requires the heart to work harder in order to move blood throughout the body and the more the pressure grows, the more your vessels are under strain and can possibly burst with devastating results. With the way blood pressure varies through the day, one raised blood pressure reading does not mean that you have got high blood pressure because numerous factors influence it.

A blood pressure level of 160/100 mmHg or higher contains a considerable risk to health and commonly necessitates medication to reduce it. Having said that, there are many factors which may be factored in and the consequence of drugs can differ in one person to another. Medical professionals commonly recommend that blood pressure levels should be kept beneath 120/80, and ideally around 115/75.

What makes high blood pressure so much of a dilemma?

In the region of 20-25% of all deaths worldwide are associated with raised blood pressure and it isn’t uncommon, affecting around a third of the planet’s populace. Which happens to be over 16 million people within the UK, and 50 million people in the US. Around 90% of all instances of high blood pressure no recognised medical rationale is located. This is what’s called essential or primary Hypertension and it is these people that the Hypnotension system was developed for.

Elevated blood pressure is a major risk factor for cardiac arrest, strokes and artery problems, to name a few. Elevated blood pressure has a negative effect on quality of life together with lowering life expectancy.

The most frequent element causing primary or essential hypertension is lifestyle.

Dietary regime, a sedentary lifestyle, a general unhealthy physical condition and other external reasons like lifestyle and surroundings, might cause or accentuate the matter. Besides this, anxiety and stress can cause your blood pressure levels to elevate as well.

We are all aware that these things are challenging to take care of long term. These lifestyle elements are not just challenging to manage for people with raised blood pressure, the vast majority of the population battles with them.

Any time a medical doctor believes that lifestyle changes may not necessarily be sufficient to rectify elevated blood pressure, they will prescribe medication.

Medical professionals are typically compelled to prescribe medication for the safety of sufferers who are incapable or reluctant to make a lifestyle change. The situation is that these medications often come with significant adverse reactions like asthma symptoms, cold hands and feet, depression, erection problems, insomnia and other sleep problems.

Health care professionals simply tend not to have the time or resources to target the psychological or psychological factors that are the main culprit behind raised blood pressure. This is where the Hypnotension programme steps in. It works jointly with the part of the mind that controls our behavioural responses and helps to make the changes needed to reduce blood pressure for the long-term.

Based in Brighton, Jo Alderson has undergone the specialist training required to understand and help individuals with high blood pressure and is in a position to help find and get rid of any lifestyle factors that could possibly be causing your raised blood pressure.

If you are able to make the required changes in your lifestyle you might be able to avoid, or come off, the medication eventually. The next step is yours. If you want to take a bigger part in your physical health why not simply call go over the options. The Hypnotension programme could not only help you to moderate your blood pressure now, as well as the foreseeable future. To find out more about the Hypnotension programme simply call or email Jo in her Brighton hypnotherapy practice or to see the hypnotension website,

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