Make Your ‘to do’ list Work for You

//Make Your ‘to do’ list Work for You

Make Your ‘to do’ list Work for You

This is a fantastic way to make your daily or weekly ‘to do’ list really work.

Often I find myself with a silly amount of things to do, and a sickening sense that there is not enough time in the day to get them all done.

Once I have transfered the seemingly endless list onto paper it usually looks alot more manageable, but how do I decide where to start.

This is an absolutely brilliant way of prioritizing that list so I can get straight down to ticking things off the list and really notice myself feeling on top of my day/week/life!

First mark each item on the list according to wheter it is in one of the three following categories;

If I DON’T do this something BAD will happen.

If I DO do this something GOOD will happen.

This will not have much impact either way.

Then do the things on the list in that order.Its that simple (so it appeals to me), and it is amzingly effective at helping you make the best use of your day and fell the best about what you are doing.

I have passed this tip on to many of my clients, and often remind them… to make time for YOU one of your ‘something BAD will happen if I don’t’ items.

Love Jo

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