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Patti Smith’s Recovery (Brighton Hypnotherapy…public speaking)

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Public Speaking Brighton


‘I’m sorry. I apologise. Can we start that bit again? I’m so nervous.’

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Patti Smith’s voice ‘caught’ early on in the rendition of ‘A Hard Rains Gonna Fall’ at the Nobel Prize ceremony where she sang in honour of Bob Dylan who’d been awarded the prize but did not travel to collect it.

She’d practised so much in the weeks leading up to the ceremony so that she could sing ‘A Hard Rains Gonna Fall’ from beginning to end, and from the end to the beginning. But even a superstar who has been performing for fifty years can get a bit nervous.

When Patti Smith broke down, she seemed to be hearing the words and to be affected by them in anticipation of their sound. She tried at least once to recover and to continue uninterrupted before it was noticed, but she could not. She apologised and the audience offered warm applause by way of encouragement as an adoring mother might her child.

Public Speaking Brighton

Patti Smith began again, as all performers must – invoking that line from Samuel Beckett about the truth behind the creation of any art: “fail, fail again, fail better.” She brought a tear to our eyes, recalled one member of the audience. Patti could have left the stage with her own tears but she stuck and stayed and drew on her resources. But she also drew on her memories, perhaps that this was not unusual; it had happened before when she first started out fifty years ago.

Patti Smith had a moment of transcendence on stage in Stockholm, and it resonated with many: that pause; that losing your place; that sensing the ground disappear beneath your feet. It was so obviously a feeling familiar to many in the audience and to the millions who watched it subsequently online.

Interviewed as a young performer, back in the 1960s, Patti Smith marvelled at her profession and the profession that had chosen her: “You have to transcend the moment of waiting for the curtain to part. I have to admit it’s a great feeling.” And it was a great feeling of ‘yes you can’ that we all experienced when Patti Smith recovered, and found her way back. She was restored as we all surely can be when we stray and lose faith in ourselves, before recalling that we have been here before and yes,  back then, it ‘turned out all right again’.

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