Stop Smoking Brighton and save £3,815.00 in 18 months!

//Stop Smoking Brighton and save £3,815.00 in 18 months!

Stop Smoking Brighton and save £3,815.00 in 18 months!


My friend whose partner stopped smoking in Brighton with me

I bumped into a friend today who’s partner came to me to help her stop smoking in Brighton in May 2012.  She has not looked back and has hardly noticed the difference because it has seemed so natural for her to be a non-smoker.  This is after having smoked about 20 cigs a day for over 20 years!  As well as feeling better in her health, she has been able to let go of all the guilt she felt smoking while she has children.  She stopped while pregnant, but then gradually started to pick up the habit again until she was back to where she had been before pregnancy.  So no more guilt about unconsciously teaching her children to become smokers.  She hadn’t smoked around her children, but had felt guilty and furtive whenever she sneaked away from them for a crafty fag.

 She saved £3,815.00 in 18 months!

My friend said his partner had worked out that she has saved about £3,815.00 in the 18 months since she stopped smoking!  I know!  Its incredible.  All that money saved, and now she can afford to spend that money on a dream holiday.  She is really proud of herself and so happy to be a confident non-smoker, who doesn’t even consider having a cig, even when she has a drink.  She also loves going on holiday so, although the money saved wasn’t the most important thing for her about stopping smoking, she can add being able to afford to have a holiday to the list of other benefits, like her health and lack of guilt and stress about the damage she was doing to herself and her family by smoking.

 It’s Time to Stop Smoking

The only problem now is that her partner, my friend, still smokes!  Perhaps she should go on the holiday with her children and leave her partner at home so he can get a taste of what he is missing out on by continuing to smoke!  He says he will stop when he is ready, but he has been saying that for years now…what will be the push he needs to decide to get the help he knows is available, to be free from all the negative effects of smoking?  I just hope it isn’t something happening to his health that is the sign he is waiting for to let him know it is time for him to stop smoking!

 He can stop smoking too!

Who knows, maybe he will be giving me a call next at my Brighton Hypnotherapy practice and asking for the two sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which can be all it takes for him to stop smoking too.  I await his call!


You can call me too to find out how I can help you to stop smoking in my Brighton clinic, let’s have a conversation now.

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