Writing Freely Brighton Hypnotherapy

//Writing Freely Brighton Hypnotherapy

Writing Freely Brighton Hypnotherapy

I can help with gaining freedom from what some people call ‘writer’s block’ in my Brighton hypnotherapy practice.  I have never found writing easy, it seems to me to be a chore, and when I see someone writing freely it is amazing to think that they are allowing themselves to convert their thoughts into words on paper, and at the same time applying, almost unconsciously, enough rules to ensure what they write is readable.

I wonder if everyone has this ability almost inately, but somehow some of us have managed to install enough self-doubt and other blocking devices into the process we are either no longer able to do it or believe  that to be so. I am sure, though, that if it is something that you want to do enough to be prepared to do something about it, cognitive hypnotherapy can help.

You know you can do it, you have done it before, maybe even received good feedback about what you have written, maybe even had your work published, but it seems to have gone, or to have faded. There are lots of ways you can try to overcome ‘writer’s block’, and cognitve hypnotherapy utilises your resources to guide you to return to or start making the best of those resources to know you are writing what you want to when you want to in the best way for you.

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