Young people coaching

//Young people coaching

Young people coaching


Young people need to find clarity for themselves morethan ever.

At the ages of 18, 19, 20-26 you’ve been through or are still going through an education system as an individual, not a statistic.

You’ve had life experiences as an individual-some happy-some difficult and challenging.

You’ve started, or thought about starting, work as an individual.

You have values (that you might not be sure of).

You have needs (which you don’t always take care of).

You have goals and ambitions (which you haven’t fully clarified or don’t fully believe in yet).

It is with these things in mind that I offer coaching for young people.

  • to identify your values and keep them in mind as you live your life.
  • to clarify your needs and ensure that they are met for your physical emotional and mental health and well-being.
  • to identify your goals and ambitions and to realise that you are in the right place at the right time for you.

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